SET is a managed IT company serving businesses across the GTA. We offer a wide range of services, from cyber security and technical support to telecom and software development. Ensuring your data is safe and secured is our number one focus.

The company was formed in 2016 by two IT and cyber security experts passionate about serving clients in a better way. We had witnessed the shockingly low service levels and lack of transparency, typical at some tech firms. We wanted to run SET differently, as a more ethical, honest and responsive kind of IT company.  No shifty upselling. No confusing tech talk. Affordable pricing. Transparent communication. Responsive service to clients, 24/7/365.

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SET also works hard to build strong relationships as a one-stop tech shop for business. Beyond security, tech support and network monitoring, SET also provides technical hardware and software implementation, as well as development, on-site office security, telecom and even digital marketing. 

Today, SET has become a trusted source for everything tech under the sun. In fact, you can look to SET to manage your entire office, not only your computer systems. There’s the real magic. Just SET it and go!

Our core team possesses the following specialized qualifications:

Michelle Sawchuk - Office Administrator

“Professional tech support, timely customer service… it’s obvious they are very dedicated to their clients and take a lot of pride in performing their job, for these reasons I would highly recommend the services of the SET team in regards to managing your IT infrastructure.”

What SETs Us Apart ?


It’s our top priority, and it should be yours too. Every year, more than $1.2 Trillion worth of global digital security breaches and cybercrimes occur compromising businesses like yours. Cybercrime, in fact, is the number one threat to the economy and the business world. That’s why we make it our focus to ensure your IT is not only running smoothly… but safely.


With SET, you’ll have a team of experts watching your systems diligently 24/7, always on call to address IT issues.  Here’s what you can rely on:

What’s more, you’ll ALWAYS be dealing directly with tech experts, never any slick IT sales guys or gatekeepers.


Truth and transparency are very important to us. Our clients can trust that we are always honest, never padding prices nor upselling them on upgrades they don’t need

Look to us as a refreshing alternative to those ‘car salesman’ IT guys who tell you the whole vehicle is broken when all you really need is an oil change. SET is committed to provide you with the Honest Tech Truth, and nothing but the Tech Truth!


Honest and affordable prices. That’s what you can expect from SET, whether you are a 5 person or 500-plus user business. We build custom solutions to help you operate more efficiently and solve problems, whatever your budget.

In fact, we cost ¼ of the price of just one full-time IT employee and half the price of a part-timer (who is less likely than us to be there for you when you really need them). We are your full-time IT department for a price you can truly afford.


At SET, we do a great deal more than IT support. Whatever your tech or office management need, we deliver. Through SET’s three divisions, specialized experts and partners, we serve a wide range of client needs, from office set up and security, cabling, hardware, software, data protection, troubleshooting through custom software development, telecommunications and even digital marketing. Imagine, one trusted partner to handle all your IT, security and telecom needs, and beyond, including those dreaded calls to Bell or Rogers!


Worried about security or operational problems with your current IT? Concerned your current tech team may not be pulling their weight – or ensuring your business is running optimally?

SET is pleased to offer a free, no obligation audit of all your IT systems to arm you with the unbiased facts.

It’s information you need to inform your decision making and identify tech issues before they negatively impact your business. It’s also a great way to get to know the SET team, with no commitment at all to work with us.


Our complimentary audit:

Book a FREE audit today- and get all the answers!

  • Receive a complete digital report on the current state of your IT
  • Covers all infrastructure, including your workstations, printers, modems, software, and any networking devices.
  • Isolates your IT strengths, gaps and any potential red flags.
  • No commitment, no fees and no obligation to book our services.
  • Receive our free newsletter with event updates, trends, tips, tricks and more to stay cyber ready.


306 Strathmore Blvd. Toronto, Ontario


Local: (647) 849-4410 or Toll Free: 1 (877) 772-9774 


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