Set Communications: Now You’re SET!

Managed IT Services are Critical. We are SET!

Solving Mission Critical Stoppage

If a network goes down, without a fail-safe, what do you do? Odds are, your team has an agenda and in having to cope with failed networking, issues with hardware and software and no internal resources, means, time spent on issues outside of generating revenue!

GET SET Communications on the ball for your organization. Alleviate your team of IT stress and allow us to begin solving the problems.

Fruitful Results in provided Timeline

Like any infrastructure, if the planning is accurate and thoughtful, then the end result will be one with contingencies in place for failed networks and a backup that is there instantly.

By eliminating any down time you eliminate any loss of work flow time. We can even work with you to enable a system with fail safe generation and cloud backup management cemented by the highest levels of security.

On & Off Site Management

SET Communications provides on and off site management. When there is a hardware issue we detect it, advise of an immediate strategy to solve, implement and program followed by a series of tests. These tests will affirm that the upgrade has been successful and we will report these findings to your group.

When it comes to remotely assisting your team our team will be assigned to your group on a permanent basis allowing relationships to be created going forward.  Knowing your individual IT support member is important in the flow of solving issues and not losing time while on the phone.

Networking Solutions That Work

It is never a simple task when your system has been in place and it is time for upgrades. OEM equipment expires and sometimes isn’t always available. Set Communications creates ‘deal registrations’ enabling your OEM items to be accessible when most cannot find it. Furthermore, we work in upgrading your existing hardware and software by integrating next generation products allowing zero interruption and a smoother evolution of your systems. Call today to have a quick consult on the issue you are faced with and we will work together to a positive end result.

We’re also experts at finding the sweet spot between Google’s guidelines and what is commercially right for you. We have progressive theories on search as a tool for retention of customers, not just for acquisition. And whatever we do, we always measure, always analyze and always innovate.

Additional Service Offerings

Custom Service Offerings

Social Media Optimization

When it comes to your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) you must be part of the Big 5 – Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter & Facebook. Couple that and create a Pinterest or Instagram and all the bases are covered. From there we work to create time release messages and outreach to your communities. Add as much or little content as you deem fit.

E-Mail Management

When you are ready to have immense impact with your email campaign let us know. Our control panels, templates and system set up allows you to be in the driver’s seat to be as creative and brand tight as you want. Within your control panel you can monitor and track each and every email with a focus on seeing what and how long your end users stay on a specific piece.

Network Management

Set Communications embraces multi-vendor environments, which gives you the flexibility to develop and deploy services and infrastructure by using the vendor hardware and software of your choice.

The service is controlled by a Service Level Agreement (SLA) based on performance indicators.

We can also help you to secure your own in-house capability to operate the network, and while you get ready to operate we will take the full network management responsibility.

Wiring & Installation

Utilizing our professional licensed electricians, we will set up all of the wiring required for our clients. The entire cabling will be completed with 100% functionality as well as organization; labeling every single port/outlet.

SaaS & App Development

Although the App Era isn’t as robust as it was yesterday, in this day and age, if you create a useful tool, your clients will use it. Often we find a simple user tool app is a convenient way for the 75% of phone users to access their content with you and allowing them a fluid way to make needed updates and changes to their accounts they hold with you.

On/Off Site Installations-Maintenance

We monitor all our work. We can provide you with an infrastructure that allows for us to manage your node activity all the while troubleshooting issues as they arrive. In being able to monitor and solve, as it happens, once again, means no down time. When there is no down time on your network there is nothing but up time on productivity and revenues!


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