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RATIFICATION UPDATE Official Results July 10, 2019 Mississauga, ON - On June 28, 2019, after eight weeks of a lawful strike, a Tentative Agreement to renew the Sheet Metal ICI Collective Agreement was reached. Every member of the Negotiating Team and all Local Unions strongly recommended ratification of the Tentative Agreement. Ratification votes were held at Local Unions across Ontario during the week of June 29 to July 6, 2019. The final results of the ratification vote have now been verified and the results are as follows: Ratification Against In Favour 39.8% 60.2% It is clear that a significant minority of our membership were willing to stay on strike even longer than eight weeks. The membership is justifiably angry about being forced out on strike. The sacrifices made to defend the collective agreement were extremely high. However, we must recognize that this strike was a total victory. Not only did we successfully resist the demands for control of our hiring halls and concessions to our hours of work - but we negotiated some of the highest increases to wages in the ICI Construction Sector. This victory was only possible because of the the strength of our membership throughout Ontario. The Contractors Association thought we were weak and could easily be divided. They thought we would crumble. They were wrong. We were tested We held the line We stood together. Once again your representatives thank you for your commitment, your sacrifices and your support.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------
RATIFICATION UPDATE JULY 9, 2019 The ratification vote acceptance rate was approximately 60% province-wide. Official notice will be forthcoming. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- RATIFICATION UPDATE July 8, 2019 Mississauga, ON - On June 28, 2019 your Sheet Metal Workers’ Negotiation Team reached a Tentative Agreement with the Ontario Sheet Metal Contractors’ Association to renew the Sheet Metal ICI Collective Agreement. Every member of the Negotiating Team and all Local Unions strongly recommended ratification of the tentative agreement Ratification votes were held throughout the week of June 29 to July 6 2019 throughout Ontario. The Tentative Agreement has been ratified and the Sheet Metal ICI Collective Agreement for May 1, 2019 to April 30, 2022 is finalized Your negotiation team wishes to again extend their thanks to our members and their families for their support on the picket line, at the union meetings and in our communities. For any further information please contact your Local Union.
Important Ratification Vote
Important notice regarding the tentative agreement.
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Please visit the News section to see the Joint Recommendation and Letter of Understanding regarding Safety Training.

Attack on Skilled Trades, Schedule 17 of Bill 70
As we are all aware the Liberal Government it trying to weaken the College of Trades ability to enforce.
A link below bring you to a petition voicing our disapproval of these changes.
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Local 30 is pleased to offer our members discounts for Great Wolf Lodge, Ripley’s Aquarium and Falls Avenue Resort. Please go to our news section to view the flyers!

De Novo After Care Meetings

Starting Thursday February 23, 2017 a 12 step discussion meeting starting 7:30 pm will be held at our union hall 190 Milner Avenue, Toronto.
If you, a coworker or family member have a problem with drugs or alcohol this might be for you,come through side door.The meeting will last one hour.

The Barrie Monthly Meeting Has changed Locations.
As of March 14, 2017 the Barrie Monthly meeting will be held at the Barrie Union Office, 106 Saunders Road Unit 2a, Barrie at 7:30pm.
We look forward to seeing you at the meeting!

Sheet Metal Workers’ & Roofers’
Local Union 30

Local 30 was chartered as a local of the Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association in 1896.  Following a merger with another trade union in the United States, the name of the union was changed to International Association of Sheet Metal, Air, Rail and Transportation Workers (SMART) in 2011.  Currently, Local 30 has approximately 3500 members working in the sheet metal, roofing and siding and decking industries in the Greater Toronto Area. Our skilled tradesmen and women work primarily in the ICI sector of the construction industry, both on job sites and in production shops.

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Solidarity & Craftsmanship


Workers in the production sector fabricate a variety of metal products, primarily for installation on construction projects. Production

Sheet Metal

Sheet metal workers fabricate and install ductwork for air handling system. Sheet Metal


A roofers are skilled trades people who install waterproof membrane on a buildings with flat or sloped deck made of wood, steel or concrete. Roofing

Siding & Decking

Siders and deckers are involved in the application of specialized sheeting, cladding, insulation and decking products on construction projects. Siding & Decking

Workers and those they work for both need to have 100% protection throughout the job process. Sheet Metal Workers’ and Roofers’ Local 30 provides that and more!President - J.R. White

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