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Service. Now there is a word unto itself that we have come to learn is lacking in our industry. With that said, lets leave that where it is as we PRIDE ourselves in what we provide to each and every client regardless of size and volume.

Browse through our service offerings and determine what best suits your requirements and we will utilize and exert all our resources to meet your demands.

Resolving Issues : Moving Forward

Don’t get stuck, get SET! We are here to only obtain one goal, the solution to your problem. How do we do this? By listening to what it is you need, not what we think you need. Sure we provide recommendations based on what you have going on, but, our recommendations are only based on solving your existing issues to get you on the upward track!

Fruitful Results In Meeting Timelines

Time, it is everything! We all hear about how so many value it, but we truly get it! Our primary objective is to save you just that. When your systems are down time equates to money which means productivity losses.

We will ALWAYS work until we meet or exceed your expectations whenever you are down. Moreover, we will offer options to objectively eliminate down time completely. Talk to us about our “SET-UP” Program!

On & Off Site Services


We bring you live services online as well as in person. Our staff are fluent in the languages you speak and we communicate every step of the way through. It doesn’t matter if we are on or off site, you get your representative and we ensure your complete satisfaction.  Don’t settle, just SET!

Full Services Suite

Below Is Our Complete Services Outline


The complete network setup, connecting all of your devices to the network of your preference. Starting from the server in the server room to all the end devices in each office, we will ensure complete connectivity and customization. This will allow the client to decide who has access to certain files as well as internet sites. We setup scheduled local and cloud backups to ensure all of the files are safe and secured. Once setup, maintenance is required to ensure the system is running smooth through scheduled scans. Our services include maintaining your server to ensure minimal down time, as well as confidentiality & security of all of your data. Setting up the network includes a long list of other features such as; WiFi, printer setup, workstations, mobile devices connectivity. We strive to go above and beyond the client’s requirements and expectations.


Utilizing our professional licensed electricians, we will set up all of the wiring required for our clients. The entire cabling will be completed with 100% functionality as well as organization; labeling every single port/outlet. Connecting everything in the building from the patch panel in the network room, to the end user devices in their offices. The level of professionalism we take pride in is incomparable in the industry, ensuring that our clients are beyond satisfied.


Our security systems experts provide our clients with the setup of their choice, with great features to monitor your building remotely, lock/unlock doors remotely, arm/disarm the alarm remotely, all from a secured application on your mobile device. The main system as well as the CCTV cameras will be setup by our professional technicians. An intercom system is the simplest way to keep track of everyone who enters your office, but we also offer key fobs, fingerprint scanners, and even retina scanners as additional security enhancements.


We strive on providing top tier internet services with the highest speeds available at competitive rates. Depending on the location, we will select either Bell or Rogers to ensure the best quality of service. We will manage your internet service provider for you, meaning that you do not have to deal with the long calls if there are any issues from their end, we take care of those issues for you; with our Network Monitoring option, we will know when/if your internet goes down as soon as it happens, allowing us to call the client to notify & support them.


Providing corporate plans for everyone in the office, at excellent rates. Through our Bell re-seller account, we are able to provide corporate plans/rates, which are not accessible to the public. These plans are excellent for any size office, working out a package is all dependent on the client’s needs/wants. Cellular devices are also available with these plans, giving our clients the option to choose from the latest phones on the market.


Through Google our clients are guaranteed to always be connected, with a 99.9% uptime rate, it is the most dependable email server available globally. We will set up the custom business domain and as many accounts as are required for each client. As email is often high relied upon, especially when transferring sensitive/confidential information, our industry leading email services will ensure high security & ease of use.


Fax is now an outdated technology, but many offices still use the service. Our clients are able to maintain their fax ability & number with our services. Our fax services will run through our VoIP system, giving clients the option to also receive faxes via email. Our services are able to innovate the way an outdated technology is used to ensure our clients the simplest solutions.


VoIP specialists will first assess the client’s internet speeds to ensure quality of service. Once the client selects the appropriate package for the phone services, they will be able to select the hardware from our catalog of VoIP devices; Desk phones, Cordless Phones, Conference Phones, Fax ATA, Extension Packages, Headsets (wired/wireless). We provide a list of recommended options to pick from depending on the client’s needs, but ultimately allow them to select a package and products of their choice.


Utilizing our supplier, we are able to provide our clients with products at competitive rates for the hardware they require, whether it be top of the line, mid-range, or even low-grade products if so desired, although we recommend mid-range at the minimum to increase productivity. Hardware is completely dependent on the client’s needs, as each client is different, we will professionally assess every client individually.


Each printer tends to have a different navigation menu, even if it is the same brand/line as another similar one. Our technicians are highly familiar with a wide range of office printers, as well as the issues that may occur when using them. We are able to provide support the fastest response time in the industry.


Cloud storage is becoming the new norm for personal data, and even some businesses. We are able to either setup an entire cloud network, or incorporate cloud storage so that the clients have the ability to select data remotely. This gives clients much more flexibility when out of the office, and enhance communication.


We select the most fitted designer from our team of talented graphic design specialists for each client. This is done to maximize the potential audience for your business, and ultimately increase the client’s revenue. The logo is a vital piece of any business, and the selected graphic designer will be strategically selected after assessing each client’s needs and wants to ensure compatibility of our designer’s creativeness.



Our professional developers will build the websites and customized applications to your preference, both visually and functionally. Designing the website is the first step; the trained web designer creates the complete website with all its features, we then register the website and set an official launch date which will make the website public on the World Wide Web.  We do not stop there. Attaching a mobile app in line with your needs and that is compatible across all mobile platforms extends your business’s footprint and allows your office and your clients to stay within reach at all times.


Having a nice website is one thing, but we also provide search engine optimization services, in order to help the public find you online (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). These services also include social media accounts/updates via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and YouTube. SEO and social media work hand in hand to get the business name out to the public, so a strong stand on both fronts will ensure visibility in the market.


Emergency services include data destruction and data repair/recovery. Data destruction is a common course of action a business with network equipment that holds sensitive/confidential information take. Removing each hard drive from the network and physically destroying each one, then we dispose of them at an electronic recycling plant, where the hardware is shredded (along with a validation agreement).

Data repair/recovery works on a case by case basis, due to the magnitude of possible issues. Hard drive repair is the most common example, and recovery time and rate would depend on the severity of the damage, which our technicians can assess on-site, in front of the client for validation.