As a member of Local 30, you are represented by the business manager and business agents on the job site and in shops. Stewards may also be appointed to provide day-to-day representation. There are a number of ways in which Local 30 represents and protects you on the job, including:

  • Bargaining

    Negotiates fair and equitable collective bargaining agreements on your behalf.

  • Rights

    Enforces your rights under the collective bargaining agreement.

  • Employment Opportunities

    For construction industry members, assists members in finding employment through a hiring hall which acts as a referral service.

  • Legal Rights

    Enforces legal rights such as those established under the Ontario Labour Relations Act.

  • Safety

    Promotes worksite safety.

  • Workplace Equality

    Protects against discrimination in employment by enforcing your contract and legal rights under the law.

  • Training & Apprenticeships

    Provides apprenticeship and other training programs that supply members with the opportunities to develop and improve their skills.