Election Notice

I am writing to remind you that the clock is ticking.  Thursday June 7, 2018 is Election Day in Ontario.

The Executive Board and I are strongly encouraging all of our members to get out and vote on Thursday.

But it is not enough to simply vote.  We need to vote for candidates that will fight for our families.

Doug Ford does not deserve your support.  Don’t be fooled – he might sound like your friend but he is a no friend at all.

In  Doug Ford’s Ontario there are winners and losers.  The winners are him and his friends with their million dollar lifestyles and the losers will be us and our families.

Remember-Doug Ford inherited his millions.  He never cleaned a toilet or even had to lift a finger to get to where he is.  As far as I know he never even had to apply for a job before now.

As the Globe and Mail newspaper pointed out on the weekend:

There may never have been a would-be premier, however, who has tried less to demonstrate his own fitness for office.

Mr. Ford plainly and unabashedly knows little about how the provincial government works. His platform commits billions of dollars to new spending and tax cuts without an explanation of how he would pay for them, preventing voters from knowing how he balances priorities.

Under Mike Harris, the Conservatives caused havoc with our jobs, in our schools, hospitals and nursing homes.  Those are eight dark years we will never get back

Don’t let Doug Ford finish the work Mike Harris started.

On Thursday June 7, 2018 please get out and vote for whatever candidate in your area that has the best chance to stop Doug Ford and the Conservatives.

To find out where to vote click on the link below or call Elections Ontario at       1-888-668-8683